About Us

Megapharm Ltd. is one of the leading privately held pharmaceutical companies in Israel, expert in marketing and distribution in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

Founded in 1989, Megapharm has more than 25 years successful track record for introducing and commercializing innovative treatments in Israel. We have established partnerships with numerous international companies, leading to a dynamic growth in sales.

Our expertise in varied therapeutic domains and diversified segments of the healthcare industry has positioned us a trusted partner and reliable company.  

In addition to activities in varied therapeutic areas, our core expertise are within: Oncology and Hematology-Oncology, CNS, Orphan and Metabolic drugs. We maintain long-standing relations with Ministry of Health, Health Funds, Hospitals , local medical centers, physicians and KOLs . We operate under strict GMP and ISO standards – ensuring that all of our procedures and business conducts are of the highest market standards. 

Our Mission

Our missioni s to introduce the most advanced and innovative therapeutic solutions to patients, with dedicated focus on professionalism and the highest quality of service.

Our Management

Megapharm’s dedicated Management leads a team of experts in the Pharma industry based on vast experience: 

After serving as the Managing Director of the subsidiary Hoechst AG in Israel, Mr. Drucker has founded Megapharm and led it until this day to be one of Israel’s leading specialty pharma. In addition to managing Megapharm,  Mr. Drucker is an active board member in a number of private and public companies, and was a lecturer on Marketing and Finance at Tel-Aviv University. Mr. Drucker, holds a BA in Economics as well as an MBA in Accounting and Business Administration.

Mrs. Gaoni has been with Megapharm since its foundation holding several positions: medical representative; supervisor; product manager; oncology department manager and marketing manager. Mrs. Gaoni has more than 30 years of industry experience, in different managerial positions in international companies and was previously business unit manager at Hoffmann-La Roche. Mrs. Gaoni holds as an academic education in microbiology and marketing, together with a rich and varied medical marketing background.

Mrs. Drorit Keller joined Megapharm at 2011 as marketing & Sale Director. As of February 2019 she serves as Second to our CEO and in charge of Operational and commercial aspects of the company.

Drorit Holds B.Sc. and B.Pharm degrees from the Hebrew University along with MBA, She has previous experience in Regulatory affairs, Business development and Marketing, both in Pharmaceutical companies and Genetic diagnostics companies.

David Wagner is Megapharm’s – QP, Head of Regulatory Affairs and the Responsible Pharmacist. David is an experienced pharmacist with more than 25 years of experience in all regulatory work – drug registration, Quality Assurance & control, GMP and GDP regulation, Pharmaceutical production, Validation and all regulatory related issues. Prior to joining Megapharm in2009, David was  the Managing Director of SIGNET a consultancy group providing regulatory services and before that he was the Manager of Pharmaceutical production unit at TARO an Israeli GMP complaint manufacturer. David is an Authorized Pharmacist and Pharmacist in Charge holding Master degree in Pharmacy (MSc) from the Hebrew University. 

Ran has been with Megapharm since 2013 serving as Head of Business Development, responsible for In-licensing and partnering transactions.
He is the VP of Commercial Affairs and BD Since 2018.

Prior to joining Megapharm, Ran was the Co-Founder of a biotech company developing Drug Delivery technologies, and before that was the Managing Director of a company engaged in Nutritional supplements. Ran holds BA from the Hebrew university and an MBA from the College of Management – Academic Studies.

Yoram joined Megapharn in 2018 as Marketing Director, after several years at Merck as Business Unit Manager and Market access manager. He is responsible for marketing strategy, annual marketing plans and activities of the Hospital teams.  Before that, he held several positions in multi-national companies as product manager in Aventis and sales manager in MSD. Yoram holds an MSc in medicine sciences from Tel-Aviv University as well as an MBA from Edinburgh University

Sigalit is a Marketing Director at Megapharm and she is responsible for marketing strategy, annual marketing plans and activities of the Community teams. She is responsible for the communication with the pharmaceutical suppliers companies. Sigalit brings her 20 years of experience in marketing of pharmaceuticals. Prior to joining Megapharm at 2015, Sigalit worked for  Dexcel Pharma, an Israeli pharmaceutical manufacturer, as a Pharma Marketing Director and before that as a Team Manager and a Medical representative. 

Sigalit has an academic education in life science (BSc.).

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