What We Do

Megapharm exclusively represents numerous international pharmaceutical companies in Israel. We sustain an entire range of capabilities dedicated to successfully commercializing innovative pharmaceutical products in Israel, which includes import, logistics, registration, market access & reimbursement as well as marketing and distribution.

We are committed to developing, with our partners, a mutually beneficial and longstanding business relationship that ensures successful commercialization and a continuous supply of their drugs and medical supplies to the Israeli market.

 We are operating according to the highest and most strict industry standards procedures and regulations. Megapharm is an authorized GMP importer, holding ISO 9001:2015 . We have been successfully audited through the years, by our Ministry of Health and by our partners, evaluating our regulatory & company procedures and supply chain activities. 

Registration Activities


Reimbursement Process


Name Patient

& Supply Chain

& Marketing

Registration Activities

Megapharm has an in-house Regulatory Department carrying out all registration procedures, for new chemical entities, renewals, pharmacovigilance, cold chain management etc. 
Our Regulatory Department operates according to our strict Standard Operational Procedure (SOP) in order to comply with local and global regulatory procedures and standards.
Megapharm has successfully submitted more than 100 Marketing Authorization Applications in different segments including New Chemical entities, biologics, Medical devices and Medical food (FSMP). 

Our regulatory department covers the following aspects: 

⋅ New product submission for Marketing Authorization (MA) 
⋅ Renewals, updates and variations 
⋅ Quality system – GMP Approved 
⋅ Batch Release – Q.P.

Megapharm has a system of pharmacovigilance in order to monitor adverse event of our partner’s products and to ensure appropriate actions are being taken when necessary. We work closely with our international partners and report any adverse event in the shortest possible time.
Our Quality Team  works according to our own quality SOP, or they comply with our partner’s SOP. 

Reimbursement Process

Megapharm is proud to have a high rate of success of inclusion of dozens new therapies and medicines over the course of years. Megapharm’s key to success is our profound understanding of the requirements and needs of the Israeli Healthcare system. 

Market access

Megapharm maintains close business relations with different Israeli Healthcare Key stakeholders and gatekeepers in all relevant institutions, including the Ministry of Health, Health funds and hospitals. 
The profound understanding of the Healthcare system requirements and its extensive network within the healthcare system enables Megapharm to successfully launch and introduce new products to the market.  

Name Patient

Name patient programs provide controlled, pre-approval access to drugs in response to requests by physicians on behalf of specific, or “named” patients before those products are approved for marketing in Israel.

The Name Patient procedure became an important element in Reimbursement and Market Access in the recent years and Megapharm has developed expertise in this activity. We have executed dozens of different Name Patient and Early Access programs in Israel throughout the recent years. 

The distribution arrangements we have established enable us to supply our customers throughout the country with a full product range in a speedy and cost effective manner. 
Megapharm is an Authorized Importer of Pharmaceutical, Medical Nutrition and Medical devices and holds all required licenses. 
Megapharm distributes its products throughout its outsource distributers – SLE Ltd. / Novolog Ltd. 
Both offer a comprehensive supply chain management solution for pharmaceutical, healthcare and biological products under strict GDP conditions 
Both distributers obtain state-of-the-art facilities and comply with the most restricted regulatory standards according to GDP, GMP and ISO.
In cooperation with our sub-distributers, we monitor all logistics and distribution aspects, using innovative systems, such as a POD (proof of delivery) system to ensure delivery in a speedy, cost effective manner and under GDP conditions.

Megapharm is highly flexible and capable of working with our partners according to their exact supply chain requirements (FOB, CIF, cold chain and others.)

Sales & Marketing

Megapharm has many years of experience, obtaining a sales force covering community and hospital settings. Our sales force covers all fields of marketing activity and territorial spread over the country. All of our Sales and Marketing representatives hold an academic degree / education in Life Science. Our team is maintaining sturdy connections with local physicians and Key Opinion Leaders in varied therapeutically areas. 

We adopt and develop our marketing strategies, based on in-depth market research and analysis and position products correctly with the right marketing mix.

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