Distribution & Supply Chain

The distribution arrangements we have established enable us to supply our customers throughout the country with a full product range in a speedy and cost-effective manner.

Megapharm is an authorized and licensed importer of Pharmaceutical, Medical Nutrition, and Medical Devices.

Megapharm distributes its products through its outsourced distributors – SLE Ltd. and Ophir & Shalpharm Medicines and Cosmetics Ltd. Both offer a comprehensive supply chain management solution for pharmaceutical, healthcare, and biological products under strict GDP conditions.

Both distributors obtain state-of-the-art facilities and comply with the most restricted regulatory standards according to GDP, GMP, and ISO.

In cooperation with our sub-distributors, we monitor all logistics and distribution aspects, using innovative systems, such as a POD (proof of delivery) system to ensure delivery in a speedy, cost-effective manner and under GDP conditions.

Megapharm is highly flexible and capable of working with our partners according to their exact supply chain requirements (FOB, CIF, cold chain, and others.)